Friday, September 15, 2006

Crochet Your Own Thimble Pouches!

Thimble pouches are little thimble-sized bags in which one totes around one's thimble so one doesn't lose either one's thimble or one's mind while crawling around one's floor looking for where the hell one's thimble rolled to when one dropped it. Of course, you can buy a thimble, say, a thimble pouch store, but that is for the faint-of-heart. I have found some directions for making them. To wit:
Julia Camilleri's The Victorian Thimble Pouch: This pattern, published at CQ Magazine Online, is for a lacy little pouch using a few traditional crochet stitches. Ms. Camilleri has a lovely blog about Victorian stitchery stuff (including instructions for a beaded teaball like one my dearest auntie had), and a website where some of her handiwork is sold.

Carol Ventura's Tapestry Crochet Necklace Pouch/Amulet Bag: This can be used as a thimble pouch though it us a little bit bigger (1 3/4” x 2 1/4”) than a thimble. I like the versatility of the pattern: you can easily chart out different motifs and use different colors. It uses a tapestry crochet stitch that I have never used before, so it'll be interesting to figure it out. Ms. Ventura has written several books on tapestry crochet

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