Sunday, September 16, 2007

Until later.

I need to take a little time off from thimble-blogging.
The rest of my life needs more attention right now.
I shall return.
Until later. . .

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"New" thimble discovered at Jamestown.

They have found this copper-alloy Nuremberg thimble at the Jamestown dig. Of course it was corroded with that green stuff that builds up on copper. A lot builds up in 400 years. But they removed that with some acid and little. . . well. . . not elbow grease. . . knuckle grease?
"It's definitely the best thimble we've found at Jamestown." YAY! Check out the cool video (partly thimble-related) at

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Memoriam: Darren Bohan

Darren Christopher Bohan
29 September 1966 - 11 September 2001

Monday, September 10, 2007

Once again I missed a sale!

St. Paul (MN) Daily News,
3 December 1892, page 4, col. A.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just a thimble full.

This needlepoint canvas was designed by Sharon G. She has this absolutely yummy collection of handpainted needlepoint canvases, among which are a series of bras/tap pants. This canvas is called "Thimble Full." There are several pun-themed bras in the series--"Bee Cup " with bees, "Hooter" with owl eyes, and "Headlights " with, well, car headlights--along with just plain fun designs like the "Old Bat" bra and pants for Halloween.
Her designs are not for sale on her website, though one can purchase Sharon's designs from a number of online retailers, like Needle Nook of La Jolla (CA), and RichSister Company. I got my "Thimble Full" canvas through one of the eBay vendors of fine needlepoint canvases.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My World Is Pyramid


Half of the fellow father as he doubles
His sea-sucked Adam in the hollow hulk,
Half of the fellow mother as she dabbles
To-morrow's diver in her horny milk,
Bisected shadows on the thunder's bone
Bolt for the salt unborn.

The fellow half was frozen as it bubbled
Corrosive spring out of the iceberg's crop,
The fellow seed and shadow as it babbled
The swing of milk was tufted in the pap,
For half of love was planted in the lost,
And the unplanted ghost.

The broken halves are fellowed in a cripple,
The crutch that marrow taps upon their sleep,
Limp in the street of sea, among the rabble
Of tide-tongued heads and bladders in the deep,
And stake the sleepers in the savage grave
That the vampire laugh.

The patchwork halves were cloven as they scudded
The wild pigs' wood, and slime upon the trees,
Sucking the dark, kissed on the cyanide,
And loosed the braiding adders from their hairs,
Rotating halves are horning as they drill
The arterial angel.

What colour is glory? death's feather? tremble
The halves that pierce the pin's point in the air,
And prick the thumb-stained heaven through the thimble.
The ghost is dumb that stammered in the straw,
The ghost that hatched his havoc as he flew
Blinds their cloud-tracking eye.


My world is pyramid. The padded mummer
Weeps on the desert ochre and the salt
Incising summer.
My Egypt's armour buckling in its sheet,
I scrape through resin to a starry bone
And a blood parhelion.

My world is cypress, and an English valley.
I piece my flesh that rattled on the yards
Red in an Austrian volley.
I hear, through dead men's drums, the riddled lads,
Screwing their bowels from a hill of bones,
Cry Eloi to the guns.

My grave is watered by the crossing Jordan.
The Arctic scut, and basin of the South,
Drip on my dead house garden.
Who seek me landward, marking in my mouth
The straws of Asia, lose me as I turn
Through the Atlantic corn.

The fellow halves that, cloven as they swivel
On casting tides, are tangled in the shells,
Bearding the unborn devil,
Bleed from my burning fork and smell my heels.
The tongue's of heaven gossip as I glide
Binding my angel's hood.

Who blows death's feather? What glory is colour?
I blow the stammel feather in the vein.
The loin is glory in a working pallor.
My clay unsuckled and my salt unborn,
The secret child, I sift about the sea
Dry in the half-tracked thigh.

--Dylan Thomas

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beautiful thimble at Zeeland Museum.

This insanely beautiful silver thimble is on display at the Zeeland Museum (Zeeuws Museum) Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands. The museum itself is located in an old Abbey and was recently (June 2007) re-opened after eight years of extensive renovations. The museum houses an extensive collection of local art and artifacts.
This particular thimble belonged to Sara van Reigersberg, given to her on her wedding day, 20 November 1594, by her new husband, Ingel Leunissen. Reproductions have been made with permission of the museum, in sterling silver, with and without the gold overlay, and are themselves considered worthy additions to any collection.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Patent: No. 222572: Thimble

Patent No. 222572, Marshal D. Chipley, New York, NY,
December 1879.