Sunday, December 16, 2007

Franz Ruckart Marroquin

Franz Ruckart Marroquin was born in Guatemala in 1928, to a German father and Guatemalan mother. Mr. Marroquin's thimbles typically depict Guatemalan images. The right-hand thimble, above, has a Guatemalan corn god, corn being the main food staple there (According to the book Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan, the United States' main food staple is corn syrup.). The outer two thimbles both show a quetzal, the national symbol of Guatemala. I have one of Mr. Marraquin's thimbles that has the corn god, the quetzal, andTikal, Guatemala's largest Mayan pyramid. It is similar to those shown above, but the silver encases a gun-metal-colored inner core, which is seen through the cut-outs in the silver. It is absolutely one of my most beautiful thimbles, and one of my favorites.
Mr. Marroquin's thimbles are available sometimes on eBay, most frequently through the seller ProSilversmith, which is based in Guatemala and has a number of other items from Mr. Marroquin.

Update: See comment from Luis, AKA "Prosilversmith." It is sad that there has not been more interest in Mr. Marroquin's thimbles. They are absolutely exquisite. I think that collectors tend to flock to what they have heard of or seen in books or whatever, and don't use their own judgment as to what is beautiful and of value. I understand that there is a need to distinguish between, say, genuine antiques and "instant collectible" junk, but I think we also need to appreciate that there are artisans creating beautiful pieces today that are just as worthy of being collected as any "antiques" out there.

This is beautiful.

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LUIS said...

Hello to all. Due to the lack of interest in Mr. Marroquin pieces on eBay, I am no longer going to auction his thimbles for that matter. That's why I am letting everyone know that I am posting a last thimble auction, consisting in a collection of 5 beautiful different units. The start price is 49$, which is practically giving away Mr. Marroquin's work, which by the way is very sad. Anyway, if someone is interested, check out the auction page that will be over in 2 days.

Item number: 160221304773

Thank you very much.