Saturday, September 05, 2009

Prince William's girlfriend Kate joins the thimble set.

From: The (London) Daily Telegraph
The face of Prince William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton, has been chosen to feature on a set of china thimbles.
Designers at Birchcroft China are so convinced that Miss Middleton will become a permanent addition to the royal household they are producing the ornaments.
Miss Middleton, 26, has been the subject of constant speculation that she will marry Prince William, with bookmakers continually offering low odds on a future marriage.
Woolworths offered a range of souvenirs in 2006 to mark the couple's expected engagement but when no date was forthcoming the company had to drop them. The thimbles cost pounds 4.40 a set and three show Miss Middleton wearing a hat.
In May, Peter Jones produced the first piece of royal memorabilia bearing Miss Middleton's image - a mug to celebrate the Prince's passing out from RAF Cranwell.

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