Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just when you thought the Crisco thimble was as good as it gets...

Not simply a tribute to that great mainstay of bomb-shelters everywhere, but an actual souvenir of the SPAM® Museum in Austin, Minnesota. I had no idea there was a SPAM® Museum, and now I can have my own little remembrance of it. For only $3.00!*
They also have the other typical souvenirs: key chains, coffee mugs, shot glasses, antenna balls, etc. The SPAM® glow-in-the-dark scrunchy beckons, but the $3.50 pricetag makes it impractical: For that much money I could get the fly-swatter and the ice-scraper and the foam can hugger, all of which I could use every day, not just for special occasions.

*Plus shipping and handling.

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