Monday, August 28, 2006

Subversive Cross Stitch

This is not technically thimble-related, but since it's needle-related, and the pushing-forth of the needle is the whole raison-d'être for the thimble (I know, I'm pushing my luck here), I thought I would reference this delightful book and calendar by Julie Jackson, published by Chronicle Books. There are also notecards, but kinder, gentler thimble-collectors might object to the sentiment on the photograph.

I prefer needlepoint to cross-stitch, but I'm sure I could adapt the patterns. All three items are available through (Book: $14.95; Calendar: $12.95; Notecards: $13.95; S/H free on orders over $25.00). Ms. Jackson has individual kits and patterns available through her website, Subversive Crossstitch.

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