Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iceland thimbles

This is one of a number of souvenir thimbles of Iceland available through Sunfilm, a website featuring all manner of gifts and souvenirs from Iceland.
They also have thimbles featuring a Puffin, an Icelandic man, an Icelandic woman, an Icelandic flag, an Icelandic map, a Celtic Knot (different from the one at left, called "Dragons"), and Blue Lagoon (not the Brooke Shields movie), for US$5.00 each, plus S/H* .
I cannot figure out how to link directly to the thimbles page, but if you go to the home page, click on "Souvenirs" on the menu on the left, then scroll down a bit, and click on "Thimbles and Bells."

*A warning: the thimbles are reasonably priced, but the S/H is wildly expensive.

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