Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Four silver thimbles on eBay

Sterling Silver James Fenton Atlantic Cable Sterling Thimble
US$52.01; 10 bids starting at US$12.00.
26 March 2007.

From a fabulous eBay store, Elegant Arts Antiques

Simons Bros. Sterling Thimble, Size 7.
US$63.15 ; 6 bids starting at $30.26.
5 April 2007.

Sterling Silver Ketcham & McDougall Chased Rope Band Thimble.
US $96.00; 19 bids starting at US$16.69.
1 April 2007.

Vintage Silver and 9-karat gold Nifty thimble.
AU$370.65 (US$309.60); 14 bids starting at AU$30.00 (US$25.71).
16 April 2007.

I don't know anything about this thimble. The blurb in the listing states that it is marked "9 ct. Sil Lined," and, as pictured, "Nifty," and "9," which is probably the size of the thimble.

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