Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Arbor Day!

OK. I really wish I had a thimble from an American arboretum to display here. Alas, I cannot find a thimble from an American arboretum. Fortunately the British have thimbles for everything. So. . .
This thimble is from the Batsford Arboretum, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. It's only £1.50 (US$2.94) plus S/H.
Th arboretum is open almost everyday starting at 10 a.m. There isn't a reference to when it closes, but a note that the last visitor is allowed in at 4:45 p.m.
The "in-Marsh" of Moreton-in-Marsh sounds a trifle damp, eh wot?

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