Thursday, July 12, 2007

Arctic Ice Shot thimbles?

So. I have this little box at the bottom of the page. It's there because the Amazon folks kept sending me emails that I hadn't yet activated my Associates account on my blog. This they must surmise because I have not yet made my first million from referrals to from this blog (The reason I applied for the account was so I could use their book and movies graphics when referencing book- and movie-related thimble stuff. I'd be astonished to have any referrals from this blog. It's a thimble blog.) Anyway, I put the little box in the footer so that maybe they'll note that I've officially "activated" my account.
The idea with the box is that they advertise products based on certain keywords they pick up from this blog. Mostly it's the word thimble, so they usually show one of a few different thimbles they sell. But sometimes it's some other thing, like this one Yoga DVD that pops up. Heaven only knows why.

I noticed yesterday that the little ad was for this Arctic Ice Shot mold (at left), and, as I did with the Yoga DVD, I thought, "What the. . . ?"
But then. . .
Aha!. . . they're like little ice thimbles!
But clearly the gigantic computer at does not "know" that the Arctic Ice Shots are shaped like thimbles. I checked out the listing. The word thimble is not to be found. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
Hmm. . .

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