Sunday, July 15, 2007

Russian Enamel Thimbles

This was recently listed on eBay as a Russian silver and enamel thimble. The seller notes that it has "several russian (sic) silver hallmarks."
I don't think so. It is more likely Greek with Russian markings meant to fool thimble collectors. It just doesn't have the craftsmanship of pre- or post-Revolution Russian enamelled-silver thimbles. The enamelling is clunky and the metalwork is neither intricate nor well done.
I'm not blaming the seller. I'm sure the seller thinks--believes-- it's a Russian enamelled-silver thimble. What do non-thimble-people know about Russian enamelled-silver thimbles? What do non-thimble-people know about any thimbles? Maybe that they're used for sewing. They always get the finger wrong, plopping them willy-nilly on the index finger. They don't know.

These are Russian enamelled-silver thimbles:

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