Saturday, September 23, 2006

Some quality reproductions

This thimble is a reproduction thimble available though a company called Old English Crackers. They have four different styles available in either sterling silver ($27.95 each) or antiqued pewter ($9.95 each), manufactured by Albion Reproductions.
Generally thimble collectors are wary of reproductions. A lot of what one finds in antique stores sold as originals are reproductions. As long as they state that they are reproductions, then fine. OK. But it's not so good when dealers, usually unknowingly but sometimes not, pass off repros as the real deal at the real deal price.
After you collect for a while, you can distinguish original thimbles from repros, They have a finer, more finished quality. The insides are almost completely smooth, whereas in repros its lumpy and there is usually a rough, uneven part where the mold was attached to its handle. Also, the hallmarks are either missing or very roughly stamped.

In any case, these are very nice repros, if you want something lovely to look at for an affordable price.

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