Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thimble Catchers and String(ing) Theory

The beading books Thimble Catchers, vols. 1 and 2, are available for $24.95 each, plus S/H, through The books include instructions and patterns for making the thimble catchers, which can also "catch" other stuff, like little cotton balls doused with Chanel No. 5, or snuff, or whatever one chooses.
There are kits available, with all the stuff you'll need, for some of the designs, but some of the designs say "Delicas Only," which the webpage says means "for main amulet only, NO pattern, or fringe, necklace or accent beads." OK. I have never heard of the word before.
There are instances when I really prefer patronizing local businesses. Regular folks, my neighbors--whether I know them or not--work there. Support the home team, so to speak. In this particular case, I say: I'm going with these i-bead folks. The employees at my local bead shop are a bunch of snots. I'm not a beader, but sometimes I need little jewelry findings. God help me if I don't know some arcane term for something. It's not as if they are brain surgeons or rocket scientists or whatever. I mean, THEY SELL BEADS. No life saving or higher mathematics involved. Jeez, Louise!

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