Friday, September 01, 2006

The Thimbleberry Jam Lady

Having been referred to on various occasions as the Thimble Lady--mostly by "antique" dealers trying to sell me 99-cent, year-old steel thimbles from Taiwan for $10.00--I was intrigued by the sobriquet, "The Thimbleberry Jam Lady." Alas, I still don't know if there is an actual Thimbleberry Jam Lady or if it's just a fictional person, like Betty Crocker, fronting a company. There is definitely a company, and website, out of Michigan, which sells all kinds of jams, jellies, syrups, ice cream toppings, and chow chow*, their specialty being jam and jelly made from the Thimbleberry (sort of like a raspberry). The ingredients for, as an example, the Wild Thimbleberry Jam are listed as thimbleberries and sugar. No artificial crap. Hooray.

*I have no idea what the heck Chow Chow is. My Grandma would have known.

Update 9/5/06: There is an informative article on the use of the term Thimbleberry in the 10/7/04 archive for The Muskokan.

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