Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Favorite Thimble

OK, this isn't actually my own personal favorite thimble. As a mother loves all her children, I love all my thimbles equally. (Well. . . maybe not all of them equally. I have a lot more thimbles than any mother has children: some have sentimental associations, some are very beautiful. . . but, as usual, I digress.) The brand name of this thimble is "My Favorite Thimble," and comes from a company called My Favorite Thimble. The deal is, their thimbles are rubber-coated. The have the traditional closed top thimble for $6.50*, the open top thimble (pictured) for $9.00*, and an embellished closed top thimble for $9.75*. There is also a re-coating kit (basically liquid rubber one squirts on) for $6.00*.

*Plus S/H.

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