Thursday, May 03, 2007

A thimble for Queen Wilhelmina

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1 February 1901, p. 13.

If you, as did I, have no idea who these people are, see for Oom Paul Kruger and Queen Wilhelmina. I wish I had a photo of the thimble. I'll have to research the Vernon thimbles a bit and see if anything fits the description.

Update: Apparently there is some controversy in the Annals of Thimble Lore as to whether Paul Krueger actually gave Queen Wilhelmina a thimble for her wedding. Some have cited a reference refuting Gertrude Whiting's assertion in her book, Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework, that a particular thimble was the wedding gift, claiming that his gift was actually an inkwell. One article in particular admonishes researchers to confirm stories with contemporary sources before publishing "Fairy Tales" as facts.
The above clipping was published 6 days before the wedding of Queen Wilhelmina to Prince Hendrik, and pretty much describes the thimble Ms. Whiting referenced.

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