Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's the deal?

A while back I mentioned some eBay listings that were supposedly auctions for silver Fabergé thimbles from the former Bulgarian royal court (one of which is pictured at right). I wrote that I didn't know much about Fabergé, but that the thimbles didn't have the fine detail that I associated with Fabergé. So now, there is a listing from another seller for a thimble similar to the "Fabergé" silver fox thimble, except that it's sloppier in its detail and the "КФ" and "84" marks are missing (see below). The listing does not referece Fabergé at all, just that the thimble is "19th Century European" and depicts a wolf. Wolf or fox, you decide. Anyway, I still can't say what the story is with these thimbles, but I bet we see a bunch more of them floating around.

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