Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful porcelain thimbles sold on eBay.

Four modern Limoges hand-painted thimbles: marked "LIMOGES FRANCE peint main."
US$107.50; 23 bids, starting at US$0.99.
31 July 2007.

I think these were produced by Carenton Porcelaine. I believe the folks at Carenton do the handpainting on thimble blanks (undecorated, unglazed porcelain thimbles) made in Limoges, France. I don't think they do the fussing with the clay and all that. There are some lovely thimbles from Carenton Porcelaine similar to these ones available though The Thimble Guild. They're not all together on one page, so they're tricky to find. The easiest way seems to be clicking on the "From Around the World" link and then scrolling through the six pages in that category. They're not cheap.

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