Friday, August 03, 2007

Not that kind of Tattoo.

This little thimble is a souvenir of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (£2.99, plus S/H).

So what is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo? It's a performance by various military regiments from all over the world, held at Edinburgh Castle. Marching and drumming and bagpiping and so forth. It has sold out for the last several years. It is a magnificent spectacle to behold.

I am not a big fan of American-style parades or football half-time shows. I particularly don't care for marching bands. One bunch of high school/college trombonists swaying back and forth to any of the twelve different songs they ever play looks pretty much like any other bunch of marching trombonists. I realize they have to practice a lot and march in unison and spell out "Go Wildcats" with rogue baton twirlers and all that, but, please. . . enough already.

Anyway, the 2007 Edinburgh Military Tattoo starts today and ends the 25th of August. It is incredibly wonderful.

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