Tuesday, August 28, 2007


(A poem using the common names of the plant)

Let her slide on her witches gloves,
Let her shake and peel
her dead man's bells,
But little folk, stay and mark
the tale this pixy tells.

Save your zeal and never wear
the faeries gloves of our Lady,
for she is trying to trap you
by her deeds, so many shady.

She may temp from above,
The wistful traveller,
with her bloody fingers
masked by the virgins glove.

But no more shall she trap
Our friends the sprite so nimble
By the wearing of the a fairy cap
Nor to wear the fairy thimble

Don’t be tempted by the folk’s glove
Let it nestle by the way,
Pay homage to the Lady,
pass on by, and let her stay.

--Philip Edmondson

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