Friday, November 17, 2006

"Elegant Raised Arrow Motif Brass Thimble"

This thimble just sold on eBay for US$112.99. The item listing described it as made of brass. I know that gold ones from the nineteenth century are very pricey. This looks like gold, which is why, I think, it went for so much. It may very well be gold: I hope it is for the new owner's sake. I know that museums have sold reproductions of a gold thimble much like this, though I don't know the materials involved in the repro.
Anyway, the opening bid was $6.45, with subsequent bids being: $15.00, $15.50, $25.50 (same bidder as $15.50), $88.88, $112.01, then the winning bid. The auction closed at 22:10:51 PST, with the winning bid coming in at 22:10:38 PST, five seconds after the next highest bid.
I've noticed a lot of eBay sellers--and other collectable sellers--misidentify metals or other materials. I just got a thimble that had been identified as pewter, though actually it is sterling.
Since I've whined in the past about not understanding how certain thimbles got such high praise and prices, I want to admit here that if I had the money, I would absolutely love to have one like this. To me this is lovely.

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