Monday, November 20, 2006

Not a Thimble...or just maybe it is!

This is Devils Tower, Wyoming, declared our (America's) first national monument by Theodore Roosevelt on Sept. 24, 1906. Yay, Teddy!
How did I miss noting the 100th anniversary on Sept. 24th? Poop!

Finally somebody got the point of the thimble being the ideal souvenir! These thimbles--sorry about cruddy photo at farthest right-- are available through Devils Tower Trading Post, "home of the Worlds largest Harley-Davidson flag flown only during Sturgis Black Hills Rally." OK. The "sculpted" resin one is $3.49, the porcelain shield one, $2.99. The other, not-pictured one is $2.49. Plus S/H. Of course.

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