Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How much would you pay for this thimble?

OK. Nothing is not an option.
This recently sold on eBay for $356.25. I have seen this style sell on eBay and at other venues for much more. . . $500-$750.
I have one that I got at a local "antiques" shop for $30.00. I wasn't looking for one, didn't care if I ever got one, but there it was, I didn't have one, and for thirty bucks, it was reasonable to me to get it.
I do not understand the fascination others seem to have for this particular thimble. It's a fine design, but not that beautiful, above and beyond others, to incite such a desire to acquire it. Do collectors just want it because they're told it's rare or beautiful or desirable? This or the "Salem Witch" or any of the thimbles that collectors spend big money for? Or any work of art?
I have a lot of thimbles, but not thousands of them. I buy what I like and can reasonably afford. I have many that I think are much more beautiful than the "Stitch in Time."

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