Monday, November 27, 2006

Of course, you idiot.

Are brief glimpses of a thimble enough reason to watch a whole movie? A two-hour-forty-minute movie?

The Thimble Movie (a.k.a., The English Patient) is a good film. It got gobs of awards. I didn't quite see that its particular "greatest love story ever" was any more great than any other film's love story; I'm pretty sure it's not even the greatest film love story about Europeans stuck in North Africa during World War II. Granted, Almásy does a lot of meaningful following and staring, and then there's all the naked business, but I thought the Hana/Kip romance was more endearing. The cinematography was beautiful and Anthony Minghella did a great job adapting the book to film, which I woulda thunk impossible.

And I like the thimble. There's a scene with a whole tray of thimbles all alike. Full of saffron. I would like just one of them. Until I find one, the movie will do.

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