Friday, June 15, 2007

Checks in the Mail

The items pictured above--the checks, checkbook cover, and address labels--are some of the things one can have personalized through Checks in the Mail, a mail order/internet company through which one can get what used to be called "designer checks" (maybe they still are--I just don't hear the term so much). You can pick your own picture (and do a better job of centering it than I did) and choose from about five different styles of checks, including some Disney-themed ones.
You need a JPEG, bitmap, or TIFF image, less than 4 megabytes, between 400 pixels and 4064 pixels wide and between 420 pixels and 2704 pixels high.
The prices for the customized items are:
  • Duplicate checks: $17.99 for 1 box, $35.98 for 2 boxes, $71.96 for 4 boxes.
  • Single checks: $15.99 for 1 box, $31.98 for 2 boxes, $63.96 for 4 boxes.
  • Fabric Checkbook Cover: $16.99.
  • Address Labels (set of 144): $9.99

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