Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is Goofbay?

In the last week I've made minor changes to the layout of this blog. I moved the link to The Breast Cancer Site to the top of my links so that those who get here by clicking Next Blog>> will see it and might click on it before scurrying past the freakish thimble collector blog to something more interesting to them. I deleted the cumbersome Yahoo! "Translate this Page" box I had at the bottom of the sidebar and replaced it with the little flag links just beneath the title box at the top of the page. Again, so passersby can figure out what's up in their own language before they mosey along. (Alas, no Irish flag to translate into Irish!)
The third change I made was to delete the rolling eBay search, which made downloading the page really slow, and which leaves the bottom of the page to Goofbay search box (see above, right; use at bottom of page). So what is Goofbay? Goofbay is a search tool to find stuff being sold on eBay by people who either cannot spell or type as I do: very badly. For example, some people spell thimble as thimbel. Or thimbell. Or they spell the word thimble correctly but really can't type very well at all and don't go back and check themselves even though they really should. (The italicized part above was originally typed as: raekky can't typr very well a t all and don;t go back anf ckeck themselves eveb thugh they really shouf;.) So, Goofbay will search most of the boo-boos for you just in case some special treasure is hiding under the label of thmible or timble. They have other eBay tools: Negative Feedback Checker, Sellers Sold Items & Turnover, Regular Bidder Checker, Users 30 Day Bid List, and eBay Fees Calculator. Remember that the site is British, so it you are not British you might want to click on the appropriate flag at the top of the page just in case you miss something at or or eBay.wherever.
There are similar sites to Goofbay. Google eBay misspelling and you''ll find several. IDA Express and Bargain Checker don't have as many variations in spelling errors, and came up with fewer, and completely different, listings for thimble last time I checked. In any case, Goofbay has the blog widget, so I used Goofbay.

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