Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost in Space World

This thimble is from Space World and features the "official STS-121 space shuttle mission emblem," with the names of the seven astronauts from that mission: Mark E. Kelly, Stephanie D. Wilson, Piers J. Sellers, Thomas Reiter, Michael E. Fossum, Lisa M. Nowak, and Steven W. Lindsey. Space World has all kinds of space exploration collectibles. The thimble shown is $4.99, no extra charge for S/H.
There are other thimbles for sale, that may be similar but do not have pictures, such as: I think there may be others, but unfortunately there is NO SEARCH BOX (aaarrrggghhh!) to be found on the website, so these are the ones I found by just noodling around the site. They didn't have one for Apollo 11, the first moon landing, but they did have the Junior Astronaut Wings! Yay! There are about a zillion embroidered patches available.

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