Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kindly avert your eyes if you're under 21.

This little souvenir thimble is from, the online gift shop for, I assume, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, though I know they have a casino in Stateline, NV (south shore of Lake Tahoe) and possibly one in Reno (?) or Atlantic City (?), so I s'pose one could get this thimble even if one didn't care for Las Vegas because it's so insufferably, hellishly, hot. This thimble is $8.00. I think it's pewter, but it doesn't say so at the website.
What it does say at the website is, "Harrah's (parent company of Caesar's) welcomes those 21 years of age and older to our website."
If they're referring to some other website, then perhaps this pleasantly-phrased restriction is suitable. However, as far as I can tell, the website consists solely of pages for souvenirs for Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo, and Paris Las Vegas. Assuming the "Paris" stuff only depicts the Las Vegas casino/capital of France and not the guest of the County of Los Angeles, it should all be tame enough for those under 21.

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