Wednesday, June 13, 2007

La Folie des Dés à Coudre

This book, La Folie des Dés à Coudre, by Frédérique Crestin-Billet, is available through the French website Sajou, which has all sorts of lovely sewing accessories (I especially like their scissors). The title is roughly translated at the site as "Mad About Thimbles." It is paperback, sort of tiny--but not teeny tiny--(6"x6"), and 384 pages, and written in French (bien sûr!). The cost is 15.50€ (approx. US$20.62), plus S/H. One might also purchase this book through the American website, The French Needle, which also has many lovely sewing/needlework accessories, for US$26.00 (sorry, the book will still be in French).
Mme Crestin-Billet has also written a book, La Folie des Ciseaux, about scissors.
Sajou also has its own porcelain "souvenir" thimble in a variety of colors for 12.00€ (approx. US$16.00) each, plus a few other thimbles including some sterling repros from Spain for 30.00-40.00€ (I'm tired of converting Euros).

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