Monday, February 12, 2007

Buckley's Thimble Cookies

Hooray for yummy cookies I don't have to make!
They come in four varieties: Lemon Almond, Key Lime Almond, Pecan Vanilla, and Orange Walnut.
I have found two online purveyors of these tasty morsels.
1. They're a little pricey. OK. Maybe a lot pricey. But you get a lot of cookies. Really. They come in 3.7 oz. packages and you have to buy a whole case of 24 packages for $76.80 plus $8.99 S/H. It's a lot of cookies. Really. Thimble cookies.
2. Golden Walnut. They have 9 oz. canisters of the four varieties for $6.25 each, plus S/H. They have a toll-free phone number if you're iffy about buying online.

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