Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cherubs and Garlands

This thimble recently sold on eBay for US$67.78. If this is a genuine Simons Bros. Cherubs and Garlands thimble, that price is a little low. The problem is that a lot of repros/fakes are of this particular thimble are being sold on eBay, and I think collectors are skiddish about bidding on an item when there are so many fakes floating around.

This one looks like the real deal, but without having it may hands, I can't really tell. I especially like that the seller has included a photo of the inside of the thimble and the manufacturer's mark therein. On many the fakes, the outside can look fairly genuine, but the inside is usually off: too rough, too smooth, too shiny, too whatever. This one looks like the inside of my genuine thimbles.

Cherubs and Garlands thimble
US$67.78; 5 bids, starting at US$50.01
3 February 2007.

This, on the other hand, is being sold on eBay as a reproduction (BuyIt Now price: US $26.99). I guess it is fine that the seller is clarifying that it is a reproduction, but will whoever buys it make it clear to whomever it's resold to that it's a repro? The picture itself is pretty bad, so it's hard to point out the minor details one would spot to detect a fake, but a glaring detail is the word "STERLING" to the right of the cherub's foot. On this particular thimble design, this word should be inside, under the dome with the Simons shield, like the one pictured above.

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