Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hem your skirt/Poison a spy

This way cool thimble-with-ring just sold on eBay. I confess I have a weakness for these Middle Eastern thimble-ring-combo-deals, but this one seems especially cool because the ring has a little compartment that opens up. I've been assured that rings-with-compartments aren't actually meant to conceal poison for offing foreign agents, but all those Mata Hari movies/Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes just can't be wrong.
The gold wash on the ring and thimble seems little overdone.

Anyway, the eBay nitty gritty:
Fingerhut und Sicherheitskette plus Fingerring mit Geheimdose
(roughly translated: Thimble and safety chain and ring with secret box).
EUR 61.00 (US$79.29): 19 bids, starting at EUR 3.00 (US$3.90).
31 January 2007.

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