Monday, February 26, 2007

Plain & Thimble

Plain & Thimble is a line of toiletries/gift products from BlueQ. Shown above is the MiniKit which includes their Extra Fancy Soap, Stitchers Hand Cream, Lady-Like Lip Balm, plus a sewing kit and thimble. One may purchase the first three components separately.
They have several other lines of products. I want the Boss Lady Lunch Box. The Cat Butts Car Air Freshener I could probably do without. Or any of the Cat Butts stuff, really. Sort of Ha-Ha-Ha-Eeewww.
The products are available at the website and they have a "where to buy" page that will find the nearest retailer for you. Some other sites seem to have a better selection of the products: Sesto Senso,,, etc. Just Google/Froogle "Plain & Thimble." Prices vary a little from company to company.

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