Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not a thimble, part five.

See, here I was going to show first just the "thimble" hat, then show the picture of the whole totem pole with the hat. BUT the jpeg file is so darn small that the hat part would have been itsy-bitsy and just totally lame. SO, instead I'm showing the top of the pole. Still pretty lame. The real image is available on a CD (specifically, CDR-1225: Northwest Native Coast Art, from Saskia, Ltd.) through a company called Scholars Resource (no apostrophe anywhere on web page), which licenses high-quality digital images from art museums all over the world. They charge a one-time fee, which varies according to what images you want for whom. The original image on the website shows a harbor in the background, but I don't know where the actual totem pole is, though definitely from the North American Pacific Northwest.

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