Friday, March 16, 2007

Waterford Crystal Thimble

This Waterford Crystal thimble is available from a variety of retailers at a variety of prices. House of Ireland has an OK price (US$45.01) currently, though the U.S. price fluctuates with the exchange rate.
I got my own Waterford Crystal thimble ages ago when they were only US$26.00. It doesn't have the little etched mark, though it was purchased retail from a reputable retailer. I think maybe that was before they marked everything the way they do now(?). It looks exactly the same as this one and feels like all the others I've looked at.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Thanks for finding my blog, 'cause that means now I've found your blog. And I love it! I briefly had time to scan it and you have several posts that I want to follow up on. I only collect sterling thimbles, but I'm by no means an expert and probably have fakes or something. ;-). And it's so funny -- I haven't really blogged about thimbles but I was thinking today ('cause I found a new one at an antique shop)that I really need to do so -- maybe in a week or so, and now you'll just have to be mentioned! ;-)


I started out with just sterling thimbles: once-upon-a-time I had enough time to sew a lot and my aunt gave me my Grandma's old one. Then friends and family would bring me the souvenir ones and they're sort of fun and kitschy and small enough.
I love the thimbles at the top of your blog! Just lovely.