Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More recent thimble auctions on eBay.

Vintage Antique Sterling Silver Filigree Shield Thimble.
US $330.97; 13 bids starting at US$21.00.
21 March 2007.

The seller's starting bid was $9.99. This particular thimble is listed in John von Hoelle's Thimble Collector's Encyclopedia as 18th century English filigree valued at $1500.00+.

Ketcham & McDougall Old Stone Mill thimble.
US$396.87: 9 bids starting at US$49.00.
26 February 2007.

Waite-Thresher Sterling Thimble with blue enamel fylfot.
US$469.12; 18 bids starting at $9.99.
22 March 2007.
This thimble was manufactured in the early 1900's before the decoration it bears connoted egregious hatred and barbarism. The fylfot, or swastika, had long been a decorative motif throughout the world. It was on all sorts of things: clothing, jewelry, religious statues, buildings. On the sides of barns, even. Just a swirly decoration. Now it's just ugly. I didn't want to bring pain to someone just surfing by, checking out benign little thimbles, so the picture isn't on this page, but if you want to see the thimble, you can click on the link above.

Norwegian David-Andersen Enamel Thimble
US$326.00; 3 bids starting at US$296.00.
25 March 2007.
Vintage Brazilian Carved Coquilla Nut Thimble with Gold accents.
US$337.32; 5 bids starting at US$31.09.
18 March 2007.
Antique Palais Royal Mother of Pearl Thimble with case, c. 1820
US$510.00; 44 bids starting at US$9.00.
26 March 2007.

From one of my favorite eBay sellers, Elegant Arts Antiques.

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