Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some recent eBay thimble auctions.

Gold Fleur de Lys thimble; French hallmark: eagle's head (18K). 1870.
EUR 175.02 (US$231.88); 34 bids starting at EUR 2.00 (US$2.66).
15 March 2007.

Sterling Silver Thimble Simons Bros. "Stitch in Time" thimble; Size 9, engraved with initials FGP.
Not sold: Reserve not met.
Highest bid: US$251.51; 10 bids starting at US$36.99.
14 March 2007.
Another auction, same style ("Stitch in Time") thimble:
US$220.50; 17 bids starting at US$12.99.
17 March 2007.

Two Sterling Silver Antique thimbles: one Simons Bros. with pink guilloché enamel and white enamel band; one Simons Bros. egg-and-dart design, marked "To Mother."
US$135.49; 11 bids starting at US$0.99.
13 March 2007.
I would have liked the pink enamel, but too expensive for my little purse. I have one like the egg-and-dart, without the "To Mother."

Simons Bros. Cherubs and Garlands thimble.
US$24.99; 1 bid.
12 March 2007.
The listing for this item showed other photographs of the thimble, including one showing the inside of the thimble and the Simons Bros. mark. It appears to be a genuine Cherubs and Garlands thimble. I think the really low selling price for the thimble is due to the huge holes (shown in photo to left and noted--as small--in written description in listing) in the thimble and possibly the proliferation of reproductions of these thimbles that I have previously mentioned.

14K Gold Thimble with black enamel floral design around band; inscribed "Kate," size 8, in-round, enamel not chipped.
US$225.00; 10 bids starting at US$9.99.
11 March 2007.

Antique Silver thimble marked A.
US$134.90; 9 bids starting at US $25.00.
8 March 2007.
The seller listed this item as have been made in England in 1479, based on the markings on the thimble: "A big ( A ) then ( I ) also ( 750 ). A bidder (?) submitted a note stating that this could not possibly be from 1479 and that it was more likely of German manufacture, ca. 1875-1890.

Silver Lenain thimble from "Les Fables de la Fontaine" series: Le Corbeau et le Renard "The Crow and the Fox."
EUR 152.00 (US $201.38); 40 bids starting at EUR 1.00 (US$1.33).
5 March 2007.
Sorry for poopy photo.
This reminds me of my High School French class:
Maître Corbeau, sur un arbre perché. . .

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