Saturday, March 31, 2007

Royal School of Needlework Thimble

This is the Royal School of Needlework Strawberry Thimble. I believe it's pewter, but won't bet my life on that. It costs £4.99 (US$9.74), including VAT at 17.5% plus, one supposes, postage, and is available from, yes, the Royal School of Needlework.
They also have bone china "Arts & Crafts" thimbles imprinted with designs from William Morris, Charles Voysey, Walter Crane, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. These are also £4.99 (including: VAT at 17.5%). They have even more thimbles that are £11.99 (US$23.41), including VAT at 17.5%, made of bone china and pewter (bone china thimble with some sort of pewter decorative appendage). Anyway, I've seen the William Morris, et al., thimbles elsewhere and I'm not so keen on thimbles with appendages.

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