Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Small Wonders

This sterling silver thimble is one of many designed and made by Tom Edwards of Small Wonders Jewelry. This particular one is called "Signet," and is available in sterling for $30.00 or in 14K gold for $275.00. About half of his thimbles are priced the same. There are fancier ones with dropped rims (as an example, the thimble depicted in the patent posted yesterday had a dropped rim) for $40.00 sterling/$400.00 14K gold, and some adjustable ones that are $32.00/$300.00 and $38.00/$390.00.
The souvenir thimbles are distinctive and lovely mementos. Some dear friends have brought me some from Alaska and Canada.

They also have chains, sculptured safety pins, bracelets, thimble cages, and something called a Fingernail Stitcher's Tool which sort of clips onto one's fingernail and appears to function somewhat as a thimble would. I don't know. . . my nails seem to break really easily.

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