Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is a new addition to my list of favorite magazines: Inspirations. It is from Australia and notes above its masthead, "The World's Most Beautiful Embroidery." It makes a good case for this claim. The work inside is exquisite. Each issue has detailed instructions and pull-out patterns for featured projects. The current issue has two lovely embroidered needlecases and a silk threadcutter cover (specifically, the round Clover threadcutter pendant). Previous issues included beautiful pincushions, scissor cases, and even more needlecases. One can even purchase all the necessary stuff for the projects directly from the the magazine's website (It's a bit steep: US$43.00 for the "Cottage Garden" needlecase, US$76.62 for the "True Blue" Koala needlecase, and US$57.07 for the threadcutter cover kit).

I discovered the magazine at the nearby Barnes & Noble. I suggest calling ahead to inquire if your local B&N carries it: not all of them do. One can also purchase current issues directly from the Country Bumpkin/ Inspirations website for US$9.34. The website older issues available for purchase, but the prices vary with the availablity of the issue. Some were really expensive. Subscriptions are US$57.85/year to most places outside Australia, with subscribers getting a 10% discount on the website's other products for the duration of the subscription.

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