Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just an excuse to post the pictures.

I love these pictures.
They are from a current eBay auction from the seller Artifacte. This seller specializes in Kuchi, Turkoman, and Uzbek jewelry and artifacts. They have a lot of ethnic-tribal-belly-dancerish things, but lovely, not tacky. Earrings and cuff bracelets and pendants and hair adornments. And tassels like this one. They are from Istanbul, Turkey, and currently have a 100% Positive rating after 1131 auctions with 472 different customers. Yay! for them.

These pictures depict a single 14-inch-long vintage tassel adorned with 15 thimbles. I'm not showing the top part because I want to focus on the thimbles. This isn't, after all, a tassel blog. The starting bid is US$39.99.

(Shhhhh. . . Occasionally they have really cool Turkoman dowry ring-thimbles. Our secret, OK?)

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