Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cherubs and Garlands, redux.

So, a while back I had a post regarding a sterling Simons Cherubs and Garlands thimble. I noted that there are a lot of fakes of this particular thimble being sold as the genuine antique thimble. The picture I had of the real deal was pretty good, but the picture of the repro (advertised on eBay as a reproduction) was not so good. Alas, I have found a better photo of a repro/fake (see above, left). This is from an auction on eBay advertising it as "a wonderful old sterling silver thimble. . . made by the Simons Brothers Comapny (sic)." Maybe it was made by a Simons Brothers Comapny, but it is not an original Cherubs and Garlands thimble from the Simons Brothers Company. I think it is entirely possible that the seller doesn't know the difference.

I re-post the two pictures of the genuine thimble so you can compare the quality of the two. Clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge them a little bit.

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